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We buy used pallet rack and other equipment

We are always looking to buy used warehouse equipment, pallet rack storage systems, material handling equipment, industrial shelving, and many other types of storage systems.

Get rid of your industrial rack or shelving quick for some fast cash!

We will buy all your warehouse rack and all your other warehouse equipment such as rolling ladders, pallet trucks, dock plates, forklifts, scales, carts, work benches etc. we will give you an offer on everything all as one lot!

Contact us first and save the headache of having to take weeks to try and sell your racking by the piece, taking up all your valuable time.

We specialize in resale of pallet racking, industrial shelving, and other industrial equipment, so we will just purchase all your racking or shelving (and possibly industrial equipment and in some cases inventory as well) as one whole lot. Done Deal, Time Saved!

If your racking is still standing, we can also provide our own professional and certified crews for any dismantling of the pallet rack or industrial shelving, and we can also provide transportation.

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We buy large amounts and warehouses full of pallet racking and other used equipment contact us at sell@rack.ca to sell your equipment or inquire further.

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