Wire Mesh Deck
We sell new and used wire mesh decking

We have a wide selection of available sizes for wire mesh decks for pallet rack.

These steel decks are great to create hand picking lower levels, or for pallet storage safety.

There are two different kinds of wire mesh deck, waterfall and box beam style.

We carry both styles but may only have a limited quantity of one or the other as we can not guarantee in stock items.

We have sizes such as 42" x 46", 42" x 54", 36" x 46", 36" x 54", 48" x 46", 44" x 46" and a few other sizes.

Please call for availability of quantities and sizes.

We also sell other new and used warehouse equipment and storage systems, such as pallet racking, heavy duty industrial steel shelving, rolling ladders, mezzanine platforms, cantilever rack, storage cabinets, dock plates, stock carts, industrial scales and much more, please visit our links for other websites with other industrial equipment we sell.

We also buy large amounts and warehouses full of pallet racking and other used equipment contact us at sell@rack.ca to sell your equipment or inquire further.

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